Square Design Mastermind

Ready to dive into the Square Design Guild Mastermind?

The Square Design Guild Mastermind is a seven week course that will bring design and critique back into your studio and everyday process in a thoughtful through Squarespace site design.


what is it?

A course • A mastermind • A workshop


We had some good laughs during our summer group discussing this, there's really not a ton of online education that's in a similar format, so here's what I have to say about what this "thing" is. It's traditional educational format via the interwebs. If you think about it as a seminar from college, where you meet weekly and are participating in lectures within a small group, it's the closest thing you can find to describe the mastermind. We have live lectures, one-one feedback to weekly homework including a practical project and pdf reading/video resources, group discussion within a small number of students. 

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Our Core Philosophy

one-one feedback • live discussions • community and more


Mastermind PDFs, weekly lessons + welcome kit

Each week, on Tuesday you will receive your lesson plans for the program. In the pdf, there will be a little bit about the part of the project we are working on, plus what to bring to the next meeting - topics and homework-wise. Included in the Lesson plan is a video that has an overview of that week, plus a few tips and tricks along the way. The lesson plan PDFs are our secret sauce to this mastermind. We hope you keep these for years to come!

Private mastermind slack channel

If you are new to slack, meet the wonderful chatroom for the workplace. We love slack here at SSDG and use it for our community. The group slack channel will be exclusive to mastermind students, with a channel for each student within the group. In your thread you can share your project and get feedback about your project with the group. In there you can also chat with others privately, and keep a close knit community and peer friendship after the seven week course has been completed.

Personal feedback: weekly reports and feedback

I bet you haven’t received formal feedback on a design project since school, or even for those who haven’t gone to design school, potenitally never received a written feedback report. Don’t worry, I’m actually quite good at these, as a large part of my MFA was to write these for the 40+ students I had in Graphic Deisgn 101 and Typography 1 and 2 at SCAD for undergrads on a weekly basis. Each week you will receive a personal feedback report via video. Yes, custom for each student!

Portfolio piece: Final site design

Lots of questions about the final site! You can design for ANYONE during this process, whether it be for yourself, a client or for a fictitious client you hope to impress by adding this site to your portfolio. As it will be 100% your work, you own all the rights to the design. What that means is you can do ANYTHING with the project. Sell it as a template, sell it as a premade, send it off to your client for approval. For those interested in doing a client site, we suggest you put client deadlines 1-2 weeks after each round so you can add in time for their edits.

Weekly group meeting live zoom chat on tuesdays at 12pm EST

For each meeting we will start at 12 noon EST for our Zoom calls. There will be a dedicated link you can use for the calls sent out to you. Be sure to prep by downloading the software for Zoom (it’s free!). After each session, we will send out a link to watch the session recorded, but will not be storing these videos long-term. If you decide to download them yourself, we will make that a possibility for each of you.

Step by step process work through the site A to Z

Believe it or not, seven weeks a very quick turn around for a course/mastermind where we prep and entire site from start to finish. With that in mind, it’s going to be important to keep on task throughout the weeks so that you receive feedback from us within a good amount of time to then apply the notes within the next stage. We encourage you to check out the course outline HERE.

New for Winter 2019! Bonus PDFs and Materials!

All bonus content will be delivered with class materials one week prior to start date :)


The date details

start date: JAN 15 2019

meeting times: tuesdays at noon EST on zoom


All of our meeting times are set at noon EST each week on zoom. With each meeting date/time, you will also receive your weekly PDF and overview with any corresponding resources/video content. Your homework is due at each meeting, and we record your one-one feedback and send back asap after each module (usually within 24 hrs if hw is sent in on time)

Note: While the length of the mastermind is eight weeks, we have a pause week in the middle - so the course has seven modules.

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read our lovely notes from past mastermind students



Are you ready to up your Squarespace design process, abilities and more?