Square Design Mastermind



What if Tuesdays don't work for me?

- If Tuesdays at 12pm EST don't work for you, then this might not be the right time and place to participate in this workshop. If you are looking for more 1:1 time and support - head on over to Meg's Personal Site Shop to work with Meg.

What if I have a client site I want to work on during the project?

- Totally fine! We encourage you to make this experience as real as possible, so if you want to work on a client project as part of this, please do!

What if I am not sure about sharing my work with the class?

- That is fine! We understand not everyone will want to share publicly, either in the mastermind group sessions or in the slack group, but we do hope that you help out your fellow peers and students.

Do I have to be a designer for this group?

- Yes and no. We encourage those who are hoping to make the transition to designer to sign up, no need to have a business in place already - but know that the focus will be on creating not just a great design, but a great client experience of the design process. 

Do I have to be a graphic designer to join, or can I just be a web designer?

- I consider these two fields merging pretty darn quickly these days, this course is going to be perfect for those looking to up their design in their websites, or figure out the best process to showcase their designs in web. So either way, we will be working within both fields, bringing design, web strategy and client process together.

What's the process to sign up?

On our Sign Up Page, choose a payment option. Either full or payment plan. For those choosing full, check out as normal with the form, and you are all set. For those choosing payment plan, check out with your first deposit payment, and we will send you an invoice for the two remaining segments.

Look for your Slack Link in your order confirm email to prep for the course!

Welcome Kits + Dropbox Folders for course content + hw uploads all are delivered one week prior to the course starting. If you sign up less than one week before it starts, we will send your content asap!


Any other questions?

•contact Meg Here •