Square Design Mastermind

The Course Outline


The seven week course is designed to follow the design process I use myself for clients, from design strategy to mockups, implementation and then edits/refinement and responsive edits. At the end you will have a new site for your portfolio!

Every Tuesday we meet, with your first stage in the process/hw and have our live lecture on zoom call for about an hour. From there you take the weekly PDF + videos and dive into that next part of the project. In addition to the next stage you will be implementing any fixes/edits from the one-one feedback section of the course.

Let's dig into the content 


Module One

the strategy
Design document



Prepping your site. This week we are going to talk about the starting steps in the process, moodboards, sitemaps and content collection.

Meeting: Tuesday, January 15th Noon EST



  • Nothing for feedback

  • Suggested brand prep for site

  • Start thinking about site content


Module Two 

THE mockup design v.1



This week we are talking about the presentation for our sitemap and moodboards for web design, and walking clients through this portion of the process to get great content back from them.

Meeting: Tuesday, January 22nd Noon EST



  • Sitemap & Strategy Design Document

  • Optional Additional Strategy


Module Three

the mockup
design v.2



For our third week we will be designing the mockup of your site using your software of choice. We encourage you to step outside your comfort zone, and try something new. If you are used to photoshop, try sketch, if you are used to illustrator try adobe XD. If you are new to mockups, we suggest using your favorite design software.

Meeting: Tuesday, January 29th Noon EST



  • Mockup Design for Homepage

  • Optional Additional Two Pages

  • Edits to Strategy Document


Module Four

Diving into Squarespace



This week we will be going over the nuances of mockups, and how to make sure that what you are designing is going to be possible to recreate for your client within Squarespace. This week we are going to start to discuss what is possible, and how to edit your mockup for the best potential in implementation.

Meeting: Tuesday, February 5th Noon EST



  • Edited mockup draft

  • Finish up to three pages total


Week of February 11th (Tuesday is the 12th)

Pause Week!

In between Module 4 and 5 we take a pause week,
so you have two full weeks to go from mockup to full site draft. 


Module Five

the First
draft site



Site design. This is going to be our most intensive week, in that the first draft of the final site is due. This week we will be going over mostly q&a for the process and questions that come up during your implementation and development week.

Meeting: Tuesday, February 19th, Noon EST



  • First Draft of Site!

  • Optional Presentation of Site


3 Days 2 Nights

media queries /
mobile design 



Week six is to edit the site based on peer feedback (if you want to share) as well as our feedback report and finalize the site. This week we will also be discussing media queries, and prepping your site for mobile design and launch.

Meeting: Tuesday, February 25th, Noon EST



  • Edits to Draft Site

  • Media Queries (mobile edits)


Module Seven

wrap up +



Wrapping up the project with week seven! Final wrap up q&a! Our last week's focus will be on all final questions, we will talk about showcasing and selling template designs, as well as going over any edits or questions in our last session.

Meeting: Tuesday, March 5th Noon EST



  • Final Site Design!

  • Optional Launch Graphics


Ready to get your squarespace game on point?